Women as capable guardians

PURPOSE: The purpose of this workshop is to strengthen women’s connection with intuition, connect Biblical principles and science, and deliver powerful exercises that demonstrate how to incorporate all of it as as a primary method for personal safety as you go about your day.

WHY: Many of you reading this have learned to distrust your own intuition, you've become disconnected from it through no fault of your own. But it is  your built-in personal safety mechanism, it's important to know you can trust it. We will do some exercises to help you reconnect with it and learn to start having more confidence in your own ability to discern bad people.

KNOW THE SIGNS: You will be trained on how to recognize people who are giving off signals displayed by the human body when they are planning to do harm..The same “fight or flight” system that prepares your body for danger, reveals a motivated offender’s intentions when you know what you’re looking for.

By the end of this training, you will have a clear picture of how your body is equipped and how to apply what you've learned about your “fight or flight” system that makes motivated offender’s stand out. The body reveals intent when you know some basics.

Peace of Mind

When you know what you're capable of, you have more peace and confidence to move about your world without fear.


When you actively involve yourself in your own personal safety, you are your own best resource to secure YOU.


The sooner we accept there are no safe places, the sooner we'll take responsibility for our own safety. Relying on others for your safety may cause you to be a vulnerable victim.

Training Women How to Detect, Avoid, and Defend against

Becoming a Victim of Violent Crime

Now you can choose which one you'll be... the Capable Guardian or the vulnerable victim.

Ladies, you are perfectly created to detect, deter, and defend against violent attackers. Our training incorporates Biblical truths, science, and experiences designed to empower you to become a more capable guardian for yourself and those you love.

"The likelihood of a crime occurring depends on three elements: a motivated offender, a vulnerable victim, and the absence of a Capable Guardian."
Patrick Sharkey, Uneasy Peace
Our Basic Training: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Violent Crime Workshop.
 Price: $37 for public events. | Duration: 3 Hours | Capacity: 20 Participants
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Stop Violence Now!

A Fun, Empowering, and Impactful Self-Defense Class

PURPOSE: Statistically more than 1 in 3 women are confronted with some type of assault or unwanted advance. The purpose of this class is to give women powerful experiences which set them up to confront these types of attacks. Once we show you what to expect, you'll respond faster and more decisively, taking away the initiative from an attacker.

WHY: We think you should be free from the fear of becoming a victim. Although we can and do teach women how to recognize the potential for an attack in our Avoid Violent Crime Workshop, sometimes it's right in front of you, you can't avoid the confrontation, but you can learn to effectively meet it.

KNOW WHAT YOU WILL DO: Many people think you can't know what you'll do in these types of events. That is simply not true! If you've had a similar experience, especially a positive one through training, your brain will recognize and respond more quickly to the situation, which gives you greater opportunity to overcome.

You will learn:
  • The ABC's of self-defense and personal safety.
  • How to control and direct the energy from your "fight of flight" system when you are threatened.
  • Power verbal deterrents.
  • How to trust your intuition.

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 Price: $99 | Duration: 3 Hours | Capacity: 10 Participants
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Praise House

8601 NW Expressway

Oklahoma City, OK

We are thankful to Cory and Bethany for allowing us to convert their dining hall into a classroom, complete with gym mats to conduct this training. Cory and Bethany see a need to be a resource in their community for social issues. We have the honor of partnering with them on the issue of training women how to protect themselves and avoid becoming the victim of violent crime.


Serve Coffee and Community, a ministry of New Covenant Fellowship

6736 Nw 39th Expressway

Bethany, OK

We are thankful to New Covenant Fellowship for their generous use of their coffee shop to run this workshop for women. They generously offer to have a barista available during our workshop to serve something from their coffee or ice cream menu.